"Forza la Scuderia Rossa"

Ferrari Board of Directors, 1981-2000


In the high-octane world of performance motor cars, where the metric of horsepower is an obsession, one horse’s power rules supreme over all:- the prancing horse of the Ferrari corporation. The brain-child of a man whose first and last love was racing, Ferrari produces cars that embody what true Italian passion means in an eclectic mix of exhaust sound, speed and tire smoke. On the racing front, they field the holy grail of competitive drives- a Scuderia Ferrari Formula One seat is unquestionably a racer’s best claim to eternal glory in the entire paddock. Their customers shell out incredible sums not for mere cars but for instruments of pure desire that capture the imagination of all who glimpse it.

Since its inception in 1939, Ferrari has found itself bound to and actively driving the culture of the small town of Maranello, Italy, where the company’s primary plant is located. Keeping in mind the legal authorities (and occasionally, the less than legal ones) of the region and thousands of workers and citizens who pledge allegiance towards a prophetic founder, this committee takes participants back to one of the most tumultuous periods in Ferrari’s history.

Delegates will attempt to conquer the most formidable automotive gauntlet:- that of defining Ferrari’s place and progress in an increasingly uncertain world. With political strife, economic uncertainty, cutthroat competition on both the track and road and an emotionally charged fanbase in the mix, chaos and collapse for the Scuderia is merely a turn or two away. It’s time for you, ladies and gentleman of the Ferrari Board of Directors, to start your engines and begin the race for Ferrari’s survival.

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Maddi Herne


Raised in Greenwich, Connecticut (don’t judge), Maddi is a second year hoping to major in Economics and Political Science. She speaks French fluently thanks to her European parents, and spends her school breaks visiting her family in Rome. Maddi has been doing Model UN since her sophomore year of high school, and is still pretty obsessed (it’s only a little bit sad)! Maddi staffed the Philip Morris committee at ChoMUN last year, and is a traveling member of the UChicago competitive team. When she pretends to have a life, Maddi spends her time hanging out with her KAΘ sisters, trying really, really hard and actively failing to speak Italian and German, working and writing for the student-run organization European Horizons, or stacking books at the Reg library.

If you have any questions, she can be reached at mherne@uchicago.edu


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Vedant Sood

Crisis Director

Vedant is a second year in The College looking to major in Economics and Statistics and minor in History. Even though he was born in India, he graduated high school in England and he’d be more than happy to tell you about his IB struggles (a.k.a the 10th circle of hell) in his curious, but charming accent. When he isn’t thinking of ways to make the lives of Ferrari executives difficult, he can be found playing (with varying degrees of success) squash and FIFA with his other brothers of the Sigma Chi fraternity. A lifelong racing fan and devoted petrol head, his inspiration for this committee comes from his undying love for the high-octane world of Formula One, and the brilliant bout of success the Scuderia enjoyed in the early 2000s with Schumacher. Having staffed the Ad-Hoc at ChoMUN XX and the Legal committee at MUNUC XXIX, He ardently looks forward to helping delegates navigate the hegemonic labyrinth of Maranello and explore what the prancing horse emblem truly represents.

If you have any questions, he can be reached at soodvedant98@gmail.com

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