Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee

Muhammad Ali Pasha’s Egypt, 1805

After a hard-fought victory against invading Frenchmen and rebellious locals, Ottoman commander and Albanian mercenary Muhammad Ali Pasha has secured tenuous control over Egypt.

Exercising de facto independence from nominal Ottoman rule, Ali secretly aims to build a wealthy, stable, and - most importantly - permanent dynasty for himself in Egypt. In his way stand multiple foreign powers, from the Ottomans to the Europeans, old rivalries between Egyptian nobles, Mamluk reactionaries, and the near complete lack of basic infrastructure in the Egyptian state. The Khedivate lacks revenue, legitimacy, and suffers from gross social and economic inequality.

These threats, foreign and domestic, must be immediately and decisively defeated, lest they lead to the reabsorption of the Khedivate into Ottoman hegemony - or its descent into total anarchy.

michael wang



davis larkin

Crisis Director


patrick monaghan

Crisis Director