Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee

Muhammad Ali Pasha’s Egypt, 1805

After a hard-fought victory against invading Frenchmen and rebellious locals, Ottoman commander and Albanian mercenary Muhammad Ali Pasha has secured tenuous control over Egypt.

Exercising de facto independence from nominal Ottoman rule, Ali secretly aims to build a wealthy, stable, and - most importantly - permanent dynasty for himself in Egypt. In his way stand multiple foreign powers, from the Ottomans to the Europeans, old rivalries between Egyptian nobles, Mamluk reactionaries, and the near complete lack of basic infrastructure in the Egyptian state. The Khedivate lacks revenue, legitimacy, and suffers from gross social and economic inequality.

These threats, foreign and domestic, must be immediately and decisively defeated, lest they lead to the reabsorption of the Khedivate into Ottoman hegemony - or its descent into total anarchy.

michael wang


Michael Wang is a second year in the College, majoring in Economics and History. He grew up in Albany, California, which literally no one has heard of. As a result, he tells people that he’s from San Francisco. He realized that he loved Chicago after he visited in the summer and then subsequently realized he made a terrible mistake during the winter.

Michael staffed The Korean Captains of Industry at CHOMUN XXII and the United Nations Security Council at MUNUC 30. He currently works as the Crisis Director for OPEC 1978 at MUNUC 31 and is a member of the UChicago Model UN Team. 

In his spare time, Michael can be found selling his soul to the highest bidder, while claiming “Don’t worry, it’s just a path to politics.” He maintains a distinct network of acquaintances that secretly don’t like him, and loves to say that he’ll “go to the gym tomorrow.” At times, Michael seems like a Renaissance man, as he enjoys drawing mysterious symbols on high ceilings completely unprompted. If questioned, Michael will insist that the Moon Landing was indeed faked and that the common cold comes from the positions of the planets.  

Reach out at michaeljwang@uchicago.edu. 

patrick monaghan

Crisis Director

Patrick A. Monaghan (The A stands for Andy, but don’t ask about it, it’s a sensitive subject) is a third year in the college studying math and computer science.

In previous years at ChoMUN he has chaired the Halliburton committee and served as an assistant chair on the Presidential Campaign of Mir-Houssein Mousavi. Because he spends far too much of his time on Model UN, he also competes on the travelling team and runs a committee at MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference.  

He's ecstatic to be crisis directing the Khedivate of Muhammad Ali, and you should feel free to contact him with any questions about committee at pcmonaghan@gmail.com. He can't wait to see you all in the spring!