popeular sovereignty

mexico, 1926

For 50 years, Mexico has outlawed Catholicism. However, the law has never been enforced because the majority of the population is still Catholic. For a mix of political and religious reasons, the new President Calles is trying to ban the Catholicism by implementing a systematic closure of Catholic Churches in Mexico, in conjunction with his socialist land policy. What he didn’t plan on was a giant populist movement, guerrilla warfare, and the 10,000 20th century Joans of Arc. Delegates, we must protect our right to faith, love, and pope! Viva Cristo Rey!

sofi van der perre


Hi, my name is Sofi Van der Perre and I am a second year majoring in Economics. I am originally from Wilmette, IL, a suburb outside of Chicago.

I am an ex-high school cross country runner and while I can’t put the time in that I used to I am still a huge fan of long distance running. Whenever I can I like to jog out to the Point, an overlook outside of UChicago’s campus that faces out towards the city that has raised me. I absolutely adore Medieval history (odd I know) and am especially fascinated with Henry VIII and his immediate descendants. I was also raised in a Real Madrid super family, and am a huge fan myself.

I have an interesting connection to this committee in that two of my uncles were assassinated in this war. They were sons of a wealthy Michoacan rancher and aspiring secularist politicians in an area that was notably pro-Cristero (sounds like a questionable plan but ok). They were riding the train North to the border when Cristeros stopped the train and executed them. Not to worry, but it’s a reminder of how real these events really were.

If you have any questions about the committee, Anne Boleyn, or need clarification about how many Champions League Titles RMA holds please email me at svanderperre@uchicago.edu.

jessie wrobel

crisis director

My name is Jessie, I am a rising third year at UChicago. I am originally from Wellesley MA (like the college). My major is Mathematics with a specialization with Economics.

Outside of school, I have many jobs. On campus, I work as a math TA for the UChicago math department and a barista at one of the coffee shops. To further my ~career goals~ I am a research intern at Blaige & Co., an investment bank downtown. When not doing any of these things, I am a huge brunch enthusiast, and an unabashed sorority girl. A fun fact about me: the celebrity I most resemble is Amy Poehler.

Cristero has a special place in my heart because my grandfather was in Mexico during the Cristero War, and so my grandparents have old holy water basins, giant armoires, and silver candlesticks which were sold in the streets when the churches there were having financial difficulties.

If you have any committee questions, questions about a latte vs. cappuccino, or a hankering to talk set theory, email me at thepopeofmexico@uchicago.edu.

alexander dean

Crisis Director

Alexander Dean is a third year in the College from Los Angeles, CA (somehow still) majoring in Computer Science and Economics. This is Alex’s third year at ChoMUN – previously he staffed the presidential campaign of Mir-Hossein Mousavi and crisis directed for Halliburton. Additionally, he competes for the travel team and participates in MUNUC, UChicago's high school conference.

Aside from doing all things MUN on campus... well actually Alex doesn't really do much aside from MUN. He really hoped to make this section more interesting, but there aren't really any activities in his life aside from International LARPing, as he affectionately calls it from time to time. In the interest of diversifying his passions, one might say that he enjoys improv, arcades, and reading, although he's going to work on those heavily.

He's ecstatic to be crisis directing Popeular Sovereignty: Mexico 1926, and you should feel free to contact him at alexanderdean@uchicago.edu. He can't wait to see you in the spring with a whole new set of interests!