Council of Ministers of the USSR, 1980


The End Is Nigh. The signs are all around you. They are written in the cracks on the sidewalk and hissed in the whispering of the trees. No empire lasts forever, and the great Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is no exception. The economy is floundering. The people are clamoring for change as Western ideas somehow percolate across the border. The war in Afghanistan is a colossal grinding mess – it’s Russia’s “Vietnam.” American nuclear warheads are perched on your very doorstep and those cursed capitalists appear to be winning the arms race. Even though the party preaches law and order, corruption and petty crime are rampant throughout the Union.

It falls to you to steward our ailing nation. Problems are multiplying with every moment and time is running out. How will you guide this leaky ship through the coming storm? Will you drag the USSR back into the iron-fisted, conservative rule of the past? Will you push the USSR into a more open new existence? The coming years will try you like never before – what will you be willing to sacrifice to secure our future in this brave new world?

Nicholas Elkund


Hailing from the frozen wastes of Minnesota, Nikolai is absolutely thrilled to have clawed his way to civilization in order to chair this committee. Nikolai is a fourth-year pre-medical Public Policy and Russian student at the University of Chicago, and ChoMUN XXIII marks his fourth and final tour of duty with the organization. Last year, he served as the sagely chair of Tokyo Drift: The Mid Night Club, 1987-1999, while Karina Holbrook was yet an up-and-coming AC. Nikolai is an avid fan of automobiles, ravenously consumes science-fiction content of all flavors, and appreciates a good joke. If you have any questions about the committee, simply want to discuss why the Star Wars Prequels are actually cinematographic masterpieces, or can provide particularly potent witticisms, please feel free to email him at

Karina Holbrook

Crisis Director

Karina is excited to serve as the best (and only) Crisis Director for the Council of Ministers, 1980s. Coming from the DC area, she is a second-year Public Policy and Russian Studies major at the University of Chicago, and ChoMUN XXIII will be her first time serving as an executive. Last year, she was busy honing her crisis skills as an AC with Chair Nikolai Eklund for ChoMUN XXII in the Tokyo Drift Committee. When she’s not looking for the best restaurant in Chicago, you can catch her writing Japanese poetry, going on hikes, or binge watching The Voice of Ukraine. If you have any questions, or just want to share song recommendations and play a good game of Novuss, please feel free to contact at

Secretariat oversight:

Katie Delong, Under-Secretary-General