Article V - The Constitution Strikes Back

The 1932 Constitutional Convention

In August of 1929, the worst economic crisis in the history of the United States began. No one expected the level of destruction and suffering this crisis would cause, but after three years of continual hardship, millions of people have lost their jobs, and access to the most basic necessities has become scarce.

Cries for change and aid have been heard across the country, and, with this background of destruction and suffering, the 1932 Article V Convention has been called. Although you were initially called to write and pass an amendment that would allow a newly-elected president to assume office in January instead of March, that amendment quickly passed.

Now, the representatives from each state, pressed by demands from their constituents for more concrete, dramatic change, have decided to take this opportunity to further revise the American Constitution, drawing on contemporary political ideas and the lessons of the ongoing crisis.

Bipartisanship will be key as you navigate the challenges of passing constitutional amendments, but with the support of your loyal constituents and the persistence of the Great Depression, what could possibly go wrong?


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marliese dalton


Marliese Dalton (19th Amendment) is a fourth year majoring in history and political science.

She joined ChoMUN her first year without really knowing what it was and has been here ever since. For ChoMun she has chaired Nixon’s Cabinet and crisis directed Solidarnosc.

In addition to ChoMUN, she is also an executive for UChicago’s high school Model UN conference, because writing two massive background guides is exponentially more fun than just writing one.

In an attempt to be “well rounded,” she somehow conned her way into becoming a UChicago tour guide without really knowing anything about the school and became a member of Kappa Alpha Theta.


nick romanoff


Nicholas Romanoff (1st Amendment) is a fourth year majoring in political science and minoring in history.

In his second year of ChoMUN, he chaired the Phillip Morris Executive Board, and last year he had the pleasure of co-chairing the ECIO 2023 Large GA.

Other than ChoMUN, Nick has competed on the circuit, participated in UChicago’s high school MUN conference, and served in leadership roles at the University’s Institute of Politics and European Union research and advocacy groups.

With his college days coming to a close, Nick has dropped his extracurricular commitments down to ChoMUN and AEPi in order to focus on his growth as a DJ and his application to law school.

isaac wink


Isaac Wink (17th Amendment) is a fourth year majoring in public policy and history.

He joined ChoMUN as a first year to pass the time while he waited for the release of Star Wars: Episode VII and has continued doing it to pass the time while he waits for the release of Star Wars: Episode IX.

Outside of ChoMUN, he competes with University of Chicago’s Model UN team and is the Chief Strategy Officer for MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference. If asked, he will swear that he participates in non-Model UN activities; if pressed, he will not be able to name any (unless you are a potential employer who’s googled him and come across this bio, in which case he’s a very well-rounded individual).

Isaac’s dream job is Senate parliamentarian, and he would like to thank all the delegates in this committee in advance for helping him play out a procedurally-based power fantasy.