Come Chill With Us: Netflix Board of Directors, 1998


God created the universe in six days.

On the seventh day, He rested and watched Netflix. In the real beginning, there were DVDs. Our prophet Reed Hastings reportedly paid $40 for a late fee on his Blockbuster rental of Apollo 13 and, following in the footsteps of his Messiah Jeff Bezos, decided to start his own company and take his revenge against Big Brick-and-Mortar Video. With a team of about 30 employees and under 1000 titles, come join the pilgrimage to media domination. Come chill with us.

This committee is for people who find themselves on Netflix all hours of the day. The TV series that was never made, Netflix 1998 will explore the origins of the streaming site we all know and love, but with a darker side. If you can hold onto your job, you will guide Netflix in its mission to transform media.

Camille Cardenas


Camille Cardenas is a fourth year Pre-Medical Biology Major and Classical Studies Minor at the University of Chicago. Before becoming the chair of Netflix 1998, Camille was an EAC for the Ottoman Harem at ChoMUN XXII and the chair of Ethiopia 1935 at ChoMUN XXI. In addition to her involvement in ChoMUN, Camille is the Chief Operating Officer for UChicago’s high school Model UN conference, MUNUC. Outside the world of Model UN, Camille enjoys spending time with her beloved plants while doing research in her on-campus lab, volunteering at the hospital, and making fun of people who think ancient Rome was cooler than ancient Greece. Her favorite series to binge-watch is the Great British Baking Show (#MaryBerry4ever) and her favorite Netflix Original is Bojack Horseman. Camille looks forward to discussing TV and movies with delegates while pretending for a full weekend that Hulu isn’t the better streaming service (as of right now Hulu has It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia but Netflix doesn’t so Hulu is better sorry). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out at

Hannah Buonomo

Crisis Director

Hannah is a fourth-year Economics Major and History Minor or Major (even in the spring of her third year she’s still undecided) at the University of Chicago. At ChoMUN XXI she CDed Maria Theresa’s Court and at ChoMUN XXII she was an EAC for Chicago World’s Fair. Outside of ChoMUN she was USG of Crisis for UChicago’s high school Model UN conference MUNUC and is on the leadership team of Maroon Tutor Match, a tutoring service for K-12 students in neighborhoods surrounding UChicago. Her favorite series to binge watch is The West Wing and her favorite Netflix original is Russian Doll. Hannah looks forward to telling herself she’s “working on research for the committee” while really just rewatching John Mulaney specials. If you have any questions, concerns or want to know the objective ranking of all Black Mirror episodes you can contact her at

David Zhao

Crisis Director

David is a fourth-year History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine (HIPS) Major and Biology Minor at the University of Chicago. Last year at ChoMUN, he chaired the Chicago World’s fair, and the year before crisis directed Twilight of the Tokugawa. Other than ChoMUN, he competes on UChicago’s travel team, was an Under-Secretary General for UChicago’s high school Model UN conference MUNUC, serves as a first responder on a collegiate run emergency medical service, conducts research on muscle regeneration, tutors through the Neighborhood Schools Program, and gives semi-inspiring campus tours to prospective students. For the purpose of this committee, his only hobby is watching Netflix. His favorite series to binge-watch is Breaking Bad or the Office, and favorite Netflix original is American Vandal. Among his favorite movies are Forrest Gump, Inglorious Bastards, and Good Will Hunting. David looks forward to delegates interacting with everyone’s favorite streaming service and talking about TV and movies. If you have any questions, David can be reached at and will get back to you quickly provided there isn’t that much buffering.

Secretariat oversight:

Christian Metivier, Under-Secretary-General