Citizens, United

Senate Leadership retreat, 2015-2017


Welcome to the Beltway— where money creates influence and influence creates money. If you’re looking for friends (or to line your wallet), you are best advised to turn to Wall or K Street for an ally.

Days after the November election of 2014, Senate Leadership has been invited to Mount Vernon by President Obama to strategize for future elections and determine the direction of the country. But they’re not alone— each politician has brought along their “special interest”: a conglomerate of banks, super PACs, and think tanks. Back your horse, pay your due, and you might come out ahead.

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Jamie Ehrlich


Jamie Ehrlich is a fourth year majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. When not writing background guides and closely following the horror of United States politics, she is writing and editing for the school newspaper. In the past, Jamie was a Crisis Director on "The Baddest Asp in History: Cleopatra's Council" and Chaired the North Side Gang in the 1920's Chicago Gang Wars JCC. She was also an AC on Massachusetts Bay Colony 1637 and is a two-time executive of MUNUC, UChicago's conference for high schoolers. If you have any questions regarding the committee or its structure feel free to reach out to her at


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Mira Chauhan

Crisis Director

Mira is a second year in The College majoring in Economics and potentially Political Science. She is originally from Florida, and Chicago was her first experience in weather below 45 degrees (definitely would not recommend). At ChoMUN XX, Mira was an Assistant Chair for the Executive Board of Philip Morris, and she also competes on the UChicago MUN Team. Apart from MUN, Mira writes and edits for the South Side Weekly, spends an inordinate amount of time going to seminars at the Institute of Politics, and occasionally (ok, so maybe everyday) indulges in her love for cookies. If you have any questions, she can be reached at

Corinne Riley

Crisis Director

Corinne Riley is a fourth year in the college majoring in Economics and minoring in History. Outside of being an executive for ChoMUN, she is the President of the MUN Traveling team, which occupies most of her time. If she's not doing MUN, she's generally at the Institute of Politics or at a Kappa Alpha Theta event. Originally from Italy, with a small stint in Wales, she'll be living in NYC after graduation.

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