the court of king arthur

“I found Him in the shining of the stars,
I marked Him in the flowering of His fields,
But in His ways with men I find Him not.”
— Idylls of the King, Alfred, Lord Tennyson

For the first time since the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Celtic people of the British Isles must come face-to-face with the Anglo-Saxons, a Germanic tribe exploring its coasts and scouting its lands. Under the rule of King Arthur, the legendary 6th century ruler of the Celtic kingdom, the Knights of the Round Table will need to face the threat of a burgeoning and aggressive military power. Together, the Knights—each a ruler of a small fiefdom within Britain—must combine their resources and secure their lands against threats from inside and outside their kingdom. Equal under King Arthur’s authority, the Knights must come to a consensus about their course of action in the coming years. Will they stand firm under King Arthur’s just and steady hand, or will they fall beneath the onslaught of their fearsome invaders?

eric liu


Eric is a fourth year economics and computer science student hailing from Vancouver, Canada. Returning to ChoMUN after chairing the JCC: French National Assembly, 1789 last year and the Hawaiian Annexation Club the year previous, he’s incredibly excited to run (be) King Arthur and explore the oft-overlooked Early Middle Ages in the context of one of Britain’s most famed legends. Eric is also deeply involved with UChicago’s high-school conference, MUNUC, and beyond schoolwork and Model UN, can be found catching up on Disney movies he never watched in his childhood or cheering on his hometown hockey team, the as-of-late beleaguered Canucks.

You can reach him at with any questions.

riley heiman

Crisis Director

Riley is a third year student at the University of Chicago studying Mathematics, Economics, and Cinema Studies. A native of Newton, Massachusetts, Riley is a fair-weather fan of all Boston sports teams and spends his time wishing Chicago had more Dunkin’ Donuts. Outside of his duties as a Crisis Director for Camelot: The Court of King Arthur, Riley serves on the Executive Committee for MUNUC XXIX, the University of Chicago’s educational high school conference each February. This is his second time crisis directing at ChoMUN, and he is looking forward to witnessing whatever delegates have in store for ChoMUN XX. Outside of Model UN meetings or study sessions, Riley can be found watching horror movies or questioning his choice of major.

If you have any questions about The Court of King Arthur, you can reach Riley at