The European Conference on International Organization

Brussels 2023


March 2023: The collapse of the European Union was as swift as it was destructive. An unholy alliance of internal divisions, external pressures, and loss of public faith in the institutions of the European Union caused it to fail and eventually dissolve a few years prior. Since then, however, the nations of Europe came to the realization that the organization they had formed had, though flawed, been a worthwhile goal. They resolved to come together once more to fix the fatal flaws that doomed the previous incarnation of the organization so as to prevent the European mission from dying. And so, drawing its inspiration from another organization which sought to save internationalism from the fires of catastrophic failure, in March 2023, the European Conference on International Organization opened in Brussels.

Despite the optimism with which they began the conference, the delegates soon found that though they could quickly settle many of the less controversial topics, fundamental disagreements arose between the various factions at the conference. In particular, the delegates struggled with the question of the nature of integration into the European Union and its very goal as an international or supranational body.

With these questions in mind, the delegates at the European Conference on International Organization will negotiate and complete the Charter of the European Union. As did their predecessors in San Francisco two generations prior, the delegates will be faced with a deceptively complex question: what should the European order look like?

Position papers are required for this committee. They should be sent to and by 21 March 2018.

Moderator: Olivia Shaw is a second year in the college majoring in Public Policy and Global Studies, and is excited to be moderating Brussels 2023. As moderator, she ensures debate is fun and feisty, and will be another point of contact for delegates before and during conference.

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Rohan Shah


Rohan has the distinct pleasure of co-Chairing Brussels, 2023: The European Conference on International Organization at ChoMUN XXI this year. He is a fourth-year in the College majoring in Biological Chemistry, Chemistry, and Biological sciences and currently applying to medical schools. This is his fourth year in ChoMUN; he served in his first year as an assistant chair on The British East India Company, his second year as the co-Crisis Director for The Mexican War on Drugs, and his third year as the co-Chair of San Francisco, 1945: The United Nations Conference on International Organization. Additionally, Rohan is involved with the UChicago Model United Nations Team and is heavily involved with MUNUC, UChicago’s high school Model UN conference. Outside of the MUN world, Rohan spends a lot of his time tearing his hair out in the lab. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to him and Nick by emailing Best of luck with your preparations, and see you at conference!


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Nick Romanoff


Nick is a Third Year in the College double-majoring in Political Science and History, perhaps also tacking on a Human Rights minor as well; stay tuned. Long-term, he’s looking at a career in law, probably something with an international focus. Short-term, he spends his time competing on the MUN circuit in GAs, serving as the Rush Chair for his fraternity, and trying to develop a compelling pro-EU narrative as the Head of Public Relations & Branding for European Horizons, the only transatlantic, student-run think tank dedicated to the promotion of European integration. Given his academic focus on the EU, Nick is thrilled to be running this particular simulation, his next big project for CHoMUN after Chairing the Philip Morris Executive Board committee in 2017. Nick is also CHoMUN’s resident del-dance DJ. Check out these two playlists to hear the tunes he’s been bumping this spring: Soundcloud, Spotify – both distinct. Reach out to Nick and the committee team at with any questions!

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