The City of Many Nations: Tangier International Zone, 1952


Tangier, the gateway to Africa and the Mediterranean, is a cosmopolitan and multicultural gem on the southern side of the Strait of Gibraltar. For thirty years, an uneasy truce between would-be conquerors of this city has held, and power has been shared by diplomats representing several powers in what is officially called the Tangier International Zone.

Recently, however, the situation has grown dire. Native Tanjawis have always felt ignored by an administration that they view as corrupt, incompetent, and unrepresentative of Tangier’s population. Many have taken note of the anti-colonial movements spreading across North Africa and are organizing to demand their freedom. Conversely, the newer residents, Western intellectuals, are fighting for the city to retain its internationalist, Bohemian culture, with or without a pseudo-colonial administration. On the other hand, old rivalries in the region pose a continued threat to Tangier. The Sultan of Morocco, while nominally a French subject, has begun to encourage nationalists, who call for reunification with Morocco. All the while, tensions between Francoist Spain and other western nations remain high, and the threat that this mutual animosity could grow into a larger conflict remains ever-present.

To address the growing problems our city faces, a committee has been convened. This group of international dignitaries, would-be independence leaders, cultural leaders, and businessmen has been given the authority to determine the future of Tangier. The task is yours to weather the growing storm… or help usher it in.

Pranathi Posa


Pranathi Posa is a second-year Public Policy Studies major, with plans to possibly minor in Statistics because it is a math that does not require she take a third quarter of calculus. She has lived in the suburbs of Chicago her whole life and, therefore, likes to pretend that she knows the city much better than she actually does. At ChoMUN XXII, Pranathi staffed “The Midnight Nightingale: Bahadur Shah Zafar and the Last Days of the Mughal Empire, 1857.” She is very excited to Chair this year, as the front-room is a place where people will be able to see and admire the cool earrings she wears, and is almost as excited to be working with John and Joel to bring Tangier to life. Outside of ChoMUN, Pranathi writes and edits for The Maroon’s local politics and news section, is a member of Women in Public Service, and conducts research on behalf of an undergraduate think tank. If you feel like you’re seeing a trend here, Pranathi would like to assure you that she has a personality; it consists of Marvel trivia and telling people to read/watch Good Omens. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email

John Buterbaugh

Crisis Director

John Buterbaugh is a second-year studying Political Science and Philosophy. Originally from Atlanta, John is beginning to regret not staying in his native state and studying engineering at Georgia Tech as he grows nearer and nearer to graduation and the job market. John was a NSLI-Y scholar in Morocco before coming to UChicago, where he explored Moroccan culture, learned Arabic, and failed to hail a cab at least 67 times. While in Morocco, John spent a few days in Tangier, visiting the American Legation there as well as several museums where he learned about the city’s multicultural, internationalist past. Morocco (and Tangier in particular) is an extremely diverse and lively nexus of many cultures, and John is very excited to explore Tangier with y’all and his amazing co-execs during the particularly interesting historical moment that is the final years of the International Zone. Outside of ChoMUN, John is very active on campus when he’s not binging The Simpsons or, more recently, Chernobyl. He participates in UChicago’s traveling MUN team, does research in both Classics and international security (particularly in the MENA region), and is on the masthead for UChicago’s comedy newspaper, where he pretends that comedy is a viable professional path. If you have any questions about the committee, or would like to see a copy of John’s article “77-Year-Old Sanders Announces Measured Walk For the Presidency” feel to email him at

Joel Gardner

Crisis Director

Joel Gardner is a second year working towards a double-major in Chemistry and Computational Applied Mathematics. Born in Chicago, he grew up in suburban New York and is overjoyed to have returned, at last, to a city with a functional bus system. Joel is very excited to be working with Pranathi and John on his first committee as an executive. At ChoMUN XXII, he staffed “The Midnight Nightingale: Bahadur Shah Zafar and the Last Days of the Mughal Empire, 1857.” Joel's life outside of ChoMUN revolves around watching theatre productions on campus and in Chicago, destroying his roommate at ping pong, checking '' every 5 minutes, trying to persuade his friends to subject themselves to the boredom that is watching Cubs games, and trying to figure out what exactly he’s supposed to do as the Vice-President of his house. If you have any questions, feel free to email!

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