Boy Meets Brazil: The Counselors of Dom Pedro II, 1840


What’s the best gift to give a five year-old boy? Dom Pedro II got a whole empire! When his father returned to Portugal, he was appointed the next Brazilian emperor. Now that he is fourteen, it is time for Dom Pedro II to formally begin the Second Reign of Brazil.

However, Pedro II is still a boy who needs guidance… from ministers, provincial leaders, economic leaders, and even his nanny. Secessionist provinces, naval conflicts, unfriendly neighbors, and rising social movements will pose threats to the neutral, steady government Dom Pedro II wants to lead.

In the face of this unrest, you, Dom Pedro II’s counselors will make complicated decisions and ultimately determine whether he will be considered the head of stable Reign or the gran finale of a collapsing monarchy.

Anita Fang


Anita Fang is a second-year from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, double-majoring in Economics and Statistics. She has been attending MUN conferences ever since the 7th grade in Shanghai, China, so MUN has been a big part of her life for 7 years. Besides ChoMUN, she is a Research Assistant in the Economics Department, studying healthcare economics and machine learning. She can spend hours painting, online shopping, and eating food delivered from Chinatown. She was previously an Assistant Chair for the Cabinet of Peru, 1980 and is extremely excited to be working alongside Giacomo and Sara. They welcome you to one of the most adventurous committees at ChoMUN XXIII! If you have any questions, feel free to email Anita at

Sara Hingson-Rodriguez

Crisis Director

Sara is a second-year History major and is super excited to engineer fun and challenging crises alongside her amazing co-executives, Giacomo and Anita. During ChoMUN XXII, Sara was an Assistant Chair for Tokyo Drift. As a CD for Boy meets Brazil, she hopes to showcase the wonders and chaos of Brazilian and South American politics. In addition to ChoMUN and MUNUC (the high school conference), Sara works as a gallery attendant at the Smart Museum and often gets lost in Youtube rabbit holes. ChoMUN XXIII is shaping up to be the best conference yet! If you have any questions/comments/concerns, you can contact Sara at

Giacomo Ramos

Crisis Director

Giacomo is a second-year double-majoring in Political Science and Anthropology who is excited to bring the uniqueness of Brazilian history to ChoMUN XXIII. Being Brazilian himself, Giacomo is a member of the Brazilian Student Association at UChicago, and also mentors high school students from Brazil who are applying to American colleges. Besides showing the magnificence of Brazilian memes to his friends, Giacomo can be found working as a tour guide in the admissions office, organizing quarterly events in the Uncommon Nights club, or getting a mocha after class. Giacomo was an AC on the Cabinet of Peru, 1980 in ChoMUN XXII, and now he is happy to be a CD for Boy Meets Brazil. He is excited to work with Anita and Sara to create a fun environment for delegates to discover Brazil’s oddities and to develop interesting solutions (or more chaos) for the problems they will face. If you like Brazilian memes - like “The Math Lady/Confused Lady” - or have any questions feel free to reach out to

Secretariat oversight:

Jordanna Yochai, Under-Secretary-General