She who brings victory

Boudicca’s Rebellion 59-61 AD

All you great denizens of his domain aid the great Alexander with his empire, running the army, day-to-day affairs, and helping him make crucial choices that balances the fates of countless subjects. 


kat stefanescu

crisis director

Kat Stefanescu is a second year Political Science major at the University of Chicago. Originally, she is from San Jose, CA.

On campus, she is involved in Model United Nations and a student-run think tank, EUChicago. Last year, she served as an AC on Oh, Canada: The Founding Fathers of the Canadian Confederation at ChoMUN XXI.

As a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, she tutors weekly at a local elementary school. In her free time, she can be found socializing (instead of studying) in the Regenstein Library.


jordi vasquez

Crisis Director

Jordi Vasquez is a third year in the College, majoring in Political Science and History, from sunny Gainesville, Florida.

This will be his third ChoMUN after having staffed the Tamil Student League at ChoMUN XX and the Twilight of the Tokugawa at ChoMUN XXI and he is excited to be one of your Crisis Directors.

Outside of Model UN, Jordi is involved as a research cohort leader in EUChicago, a student group that conducts research, discussions, and events on EU and transatlantic issues. He is also an avid lover of basketball and eagerly awaits the return to greatness of the Orlando Magic.

Feel free to send any questions to

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Simon chanezon

Crisis Director

Simon Chanezon is a second year majoring in Political Science from San Francisco, CA. He’s very excited to return to ChoMUN after being AC on the French Popular Front 1936 committee at ChoMUN XXI, where he got to display the full extent of his Frencheness (has he mentioned that he’s also French yet?) On campus he also does research for the student-run think tank EUChicago (hence the political science). During his free time, he works to start his « career » in French rap but mostly he’s busy staring at a blank wall contemplating his poor work habits.