In the absence of institutional power and the ostensible freedom your nation guarantees, where is there to turn besides one’s own community?

Rather than assume the position of a diplomat or politician already in power, experience the struggle of staking out a claim for representation in a society that denies you that right.

As members of a radical political movement satisfied with no less than complete and total racial equality, you will solve the problems within your own community while defending from the attacks of others. You will strike a balance on the careful scale of violence and peace. You will chart a path forward through a constantly shifting landscape where allies become foes and foes get stronger with each step.

The revolution will not be televised. What will you do to make it happen live?


Joshua neudorf


Joshua Neudorf is a second year in the College, majoring in Economics and Political Science. Hailing from Kansas City (the Missouri Side), Josh enjoys gradually getting used to all the very large buildings and parallel streets of his new Chicago home.

He staffed O'Canada: The Founding Fathers of the Canadian Confederation at CHOMUN XXII and The First Thatcher Ministry at MUNUC 30. He is currently the Crisis Director for the Cabinet of Uzbekistan, 1991 for MUNUC 31 and participates in Chicago’s Model United Nations Team.

Outside of Model UN, Josh is a member of the Chicago Debate Society and works for the Neighborhood Schools Program as a tutor at a local youth center. When not doing these important things, Josh is likely procrastinating homework assignments or aimlessly wandering around Chicago.

Feel free to contact Josh at or Serious requests, not so serious requests, questions, and general emotional support are all welcome.


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jay gibbs

Crisis Director

Jay Gibbs is a third year in the College majoring in Public Policy, East Asian Languages & Civilizations, and Political Science.

As a Crisis Director, Jay hopes to put to good use his two prior ChoMUNs of experience. Having competed at several conferences in high school and college, he wants to build from committees he’s been a part of and make sure every delegate can have the best experience possible. With regard to the Black Panthers, Jay has an incredible historical interest and wants to effectively simulate a committee where delegates need to build their power rather than starting off with it.

Aside from Model UN, Jay is a big fan of music and arts events around campus. He is an active member of the Chicago Debate Society as well as several student leadership and involvement organizations. In the time between debate tournaments, Model UN conferences, and occasionally doing homework, Jay works for the University’s IT department and writes for a comic book and anime website.

Jay is available to answer serious questions and concerns regarding the committee at .

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zach lemonides


Zach Lemonides is a fourth year in the College majoring in Political Science and Public Policy, with a specialization in law.

This will be his fourth ChoMUN, and he has worked on the Roman Judeo War, the Court of Basil I, and, most recently, the Court of Maria Theresa.

Apart from MUN he works at a Chicago area law firm. In his free time he enjoys listening to super basic podcasts, like NPR Politics and Democracy Now.

If you have a serious inquiry regarding the committee, you should email him and Jay at For memes and other matters, you can send him a personal email at