Between The Rock and a Desert Place: The Akkadian Empire


Akkad is often considered as the first empire in world history, believed to have been founded in mid 2000 BCE and defined by advanced military capabilities, politics, and social and economic structures. The committee will begin at the end of the height of Akkadian rule around 2200 BCE. Delegates will serve as various social, cultural, religious, and military leaders in the empire, with the Chair serving as the monarchical leader of the empire known as the lugal (meaning “great man”). The members of the committee will work to expand the reach of the empire while maintaining a vibrant society at home. Operating like a cabinet, delegates will be setting policies in their respective areas and advising the lugal on the appropriate course of action for the empire.

Scott Smith


 Scott Smith is a Second Year at the College double majoring in Political Science and Public Policy. Although Scott is really from Oak Park, IL, he usually lies and says he is from Chicago because it’s close enough. Known for his impossibly bad jokes, he is excited to test his material on the committee all weekend. Aside from ChoMUN, Scott is also involved in the University’s high school conference MUNUC, where he not only chaired DISEC this year, but also participated as a delegate for all four years of his high school career. In addition, Scott is also involved in the University’s Institute of Politics, interning for Senator Duckworth in DC this past summer, and the Society of International Relations. Scott is also an avid baseball fan (Go Sox!) and enjoys getting involved in as many intramurals as he can on campus. As someone who loves all things MUN, Scott is very excited to serve as Chair for this committee. If you are confused with the title of this committee, Scott strongly recommends watching the legendary 2002 film The Scorpion King featuring the one and only Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Aniruddh Bakre

Crisis Director

A third year Political Science/Biology double major at the College, Aniruddh is a member of all three of UChicago’s MUN organisations, having been an Assistant Chair for MUNUC and an Experienced Assistant Chair for ChoMUN XXII. When he’s not watching Bollywood movies or complaining about how the lake near his home in Bangalore, India keeps catching on fire, Aniruddh is involved with organising events (read eating free food) at the Institute of Politics and likes to think he’s a novice squash player. At one point, Aniruddh was also a trained Hindustani classical vocalist, but his current singing capabilities are questionable. Having a special interest in the comparative politics and history of the Middle East, Aniruddh looks forward to spending a weekend in Akkad at ChoMUN XXIII.

Aditya Bafna

Crisis Director

Aditya is a second year in the College, majoring in History and Economics. His specialization within History is the Ancient Near East, so this committee is very close to his heart. After competing in Model UN for most of high school, Aditya went on to serve as an Assistant Chair for MUNUC and CHOMUN last year. Originally from South Florida, Aditya enjoys the few days of warm weather in Chicago and makes fun of your Chair, Scott, for being a White Sox fan. Aditya also dances with UChicago’s Bhangra team, plays a ridiculous amount of cards, and is very excited to spend a weekend with the oldest committee at CHOMUN XXIII.

Secretariat oversight:

Christian Metivier, Under-Secretary-General