Space Lasers, Fundraisers, and the World’s Greatest Monopoly

Bell labs, 1940-1950

Inventors of cell phones, solar panels, lasers, C, and communication satellites: before there was Silicon Valley, there was Bell Labs.

In 1925, AT&T realized that to maintain its communications monopoly, it needed a monopoly on innovation—thus, it spun off a new company, Bell Laboratories, and the modern age was born.

Now, it is 1940 and nearly 15,000 scientists work at Bell Labs churning out products that affect every aspect of daily life. People are excited about the new technology, and everyone is looking forward to more thrilling times. However, alongside the exciting news, there is a war on the horizon, and there are power-hungry individuals threatening to destroy progress, profit margins and moral integrity.

Together, the Bell Labs board must work together in their best capacitor to sustain growth and innovation of the firm as its role as the leader of the industry. Be prepared to stem major backlash, resistor insane rivals and power hungry politicians and tinker your way into power and success.

jack votava


Jack Votava is a second year in the College intending to major in Sociology and Public Policy. This will be Jack's second year staffing ChoMUN, in addition to competing on the Model UN circuit for UChicago's traveling team.

In addition to MUN, Jack is an avid parliamentary debater and a high school Public Forum coach, currently active on the national collegiate debate circuit. To round out his activities, he is a researcher at the Paul Douglas Institute, an officer of the Palentology Club, and a member of the Maroon Project on Security and Threats.

In his all-too-limited free time, Jack enjoys crime TV like Hannibal and the Wire and follows HBO shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld every Sunday.

Jack is thrilled to chair the Bell Lab committee and can't wait for the wild inventions and political shenanigans that the committee achieves. Feel free to reach him at

erin stafford

Crisis Director

Erin is a third year Mathematics major from Montana (yes, nobody lives there, and yes, it’s as pretty as they say). Previously she served as an assistant chair in Pinkerton Detective Agency and The Mad Baron of Mongolia.

Outside of ChoMUN, she is involved in Alpha Phi Omega and in Maroon Tutors. She spends her free time asking her friends to get Korean food with her, talking about how much she loves skiing, and complaining about how nobody appreciates pop music.

She is very excited to attempt to remember enough of her Physics class to make sure that what the Bell Labs committee is doing is scientifically accurate.

Feel free to contact her at with any questions or photos of adorable pets.


shyn ru looi

Crisis Director

Shyn Ru is a third year Economics major hailing from Malaysia. She served as an assistant chair in The Life and Times of Lee Kuan Yew during ChoMUN XX, and she chaired for The Mad Baron of Mongolia during ChoMUN XXI.

On campus, she is involved in Smart Women Securities, ILC:E and tutors for the Maroon Tutors. In her free time, she can be found exploring the different neighborhoods of Chicago for food, making food, watching food videos, thinking about food and frequenting the gym in an attempt to feel better about all that food she has consumed.

She is absolutely thrilled to run Bell Labs with Erin and Jack and can’t wait for yet another exciting run of ChoMUN. Feel free to shoot her an email at should you have any questions or simply want to say hi or chat.