It's going down (under)

the first fleet of australia


What happens when you send 1000 convicts to an unknown land on the other side of the world? The year is 1788 and Commodore Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet have just touched down at Botany Bay on the East Coast of Australia. The British Crown has entrusted them with establishing and administering the penal colony out on this strange new island, but from the get-go, the task is not as simple as they expected it would be. Commodore Phillip and his committee of naval officers, marines, and seamen must deal with harsh geographical and atmospheric conditions that are vastly different from anything they could have seen or imagined before, while trying to govern a colony of indentured servants who are not happy about being carted off to this land so far away from home. Meanwhile the British Empire, thousands of miles away, is unsure of how far they are willing to support this interesting experiment. Can the committee get the fledgling prison camp off the ground and turn it into an actual self-sustaining colony? Or will the harsh conditions and opposing views of the committee lead them into disarray?

katherine chen


Katherine is a second year currently deciding whether she wants to study Economics, Chemistry, or both. Although she hails from Perth, Australia – the most isolated city on the planet – Katherine feels most at home in the school library where she is free be her true nerd self. Katherine is excited to be chairing this committee at ChoMUN XX after enjoying being an assistant chair in last year’s Rio 2016 crisis GA committee. In addition to her involvement in ChoMUN, Katherine is a member of UChicago’s Model UN team, a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi and a solo pianist. When Katherine is not busy wandering the world in search of the perfect balance between arctic winters and scorching summers, you can find her running by lake Michigan, downtown with friends or watching documentaries only she finds so amusing.

Australia- Kavya.jpg

kavya garikipati

Crisis Director

Kavya is a fourth year in the College majoring in Economics and Computer Science, but promises she’s a lot more fun than those subjects suggest. Born in the Bay Area, she lived in the sunny state of California for eight years before moving to the even sunnier Bangalore, India. Having spent over ten years in the city, Kavya identifies as a proud Bangalorean, though she’s managed to keep a strong hold on her valley girl accent. Kavya spends her free time trying to find new fun workouts – so far she’s tried hot yoga, cardio kickboxing, Zumba, barre, and even pole dancing. On the complete other end of the spectrum, Kavya boasts of an almost unhealthy love for food, and is always down for spontaneous trips to either Chick-fil-A or Taco Bell.

Kavya has been a moderator and a chair in the past for MUNUC – the University’s high school conference. This is her first time crisis directing, and she is excited to work behind the scenes to lead the delegates towards building their own version of the land down under. After ChoMUN, she would ideally like to spend a month travelling through either Europe or South America before she begins her life as an investment banking analyst out in Palo Alto.