Angels of the Battlefield: Clara Barton’s American Red Cross, 1881


The United States just faced the deadliest war on its own soil and is now trying to rebuild as a nation unified against slavery. Death and disease have shaken much of the country, and racist laws and policies still pervade much of the South. Enter Clara Barton, a self-taught nurse traveling the country giving lectures about her experiences during the war. Her celebrity and genuine passion for helping those in need have allowed her to found a brand new organization: The American Red Cross.

As the newest charter of the International Committee of the Red Cross, there is much international pressure for you to succeed. The future of emergency assistance and public service in the United States is in your hands, and you will need to have a strong impact for President Chester A. Arthur to think you’re more than just a bunch of nurses.

Pack your bags, grab your supplies, and get ready to save some lives!

Eduardo Gonzalez Santiago


He is a second year on a pilgrimage to the elusive triple major in Biology, Biological Chemistry, and Chemistry. He is from Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, but unfortunately does not know all the lyrics to Despacito. At ChoMUN XXII, I was an assistant chair for Of Moose and Men: New France, 1660 where he was able to deliver emotional and passionate updates that could bring anyone to tears. Following the experiences he had there, he decide to join forces with Shayna and Teddy to chair his own committee. Besides the world of MUN, Eduardo is heavily involved in intramural sports and does work in a microbiology laboratory. He hopes to conduct research into infectious diseases so that he can positively impact the health of the people from his community and the world. In his free time, he watches basketball, looks at an unhealthy amount of memes, listens to too many musical genres at once, plays Smash with the boys, and reads John Green books over and over again. Eduardo is extremely excited for ChoMUN this year. If you want to chat about literally anything, you can contact him at

Shayna Cohen

Crisis Director

Shayna is a second year in the College double majoring in Neuroscience and Philosophy on a Pre-Med track. She's originally from Scottsdale, AZ, and will take any available opportunity to mention Arizona's dry heat and abundant cacti. This is her second ChoMUN; last year she staffed Popeular Sovereignty: Mexico, 1926 as an Assistant Chair with Teddy, and now they get to CD together! Public health and humanitarian service have always been near and dear to her heart, so she is beyond excited to be one of your Crisis Directors for the American Red Cross! She also competes on UChicago's traveling team, and outside of MUN she sings in a women’s choral ensemble on campus and educates youth about neuroscience through NEURO Club. In her (limited) spare time, she thoroughly enjoys doing crossword puzzles, drinking boba milk tea, and buying anything with a floral print. Her favorite book of all time is Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, and she'll probably try more than once to get you to read it. If you have any questions about committee, want to chat about social neuroscience, or want to exchange adorable cat pictures, please feel free to reach out to her at

Teddy Sandler

Crisis Director

Hello, hello! I am a 2nd year in the college majoring in something I have not been informed of yet. I am a New Yorker through and through (but I am steadily turning into a Chicagoan) with a nasty habit of forgetting not everyone crosses streets whenever they feel like it. Last year I was an AC with Shayna on Popeular Sovereignty: Mexico, 1926. While I don’t always make healthy decisions, I love the public and am worried at their general state being inclined for the collective to be healthy. That being said, I am looking forward to helping run a slightly less traditional committee *~The American Red Cross~* as a crisis director. Outside of running this, I have been known to be on the traveling MUN team, and outside of the ______(fill in the blank!) that is MUN, I am on the debate team (gross, I know), I organize with Uchicago Student Action, and I help with UC3P (pOdcAsTS!). If you're looking for me I am likely: in the library with brutalist architecture, drinking coffee, listening to podcasts or talking about them, eating popcorn, thinking of things to post on twitter, or people watching. If I could have one pet it would be a cat, but I’ve been known to give off lizard energy. Please reach out to me to distract me from whatever I am currently doing @ I am happy to talk about literally anything but if you have secrets to the universe I promise not to tell others but could use the advice.

Secretariat oversight:

Christian Metivier, Under-Secretary-General