Selling out by Buying In:

Board of Directors of Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet is one of the world’s most valuable corporations, serving as parent company to subsidiaries ranging from Google to DeepMind. It is in many ways the most powerful company in Silicon Valley, with a wide variety of products that attract over half a billion monthly active users.

The mission of this Board of Directors is simple: To keep its subsidiaries on top of their respective games, to continue to innovate through strategic and creative business development plans, and to make as much money as possible.

Board members will have to navigate around a tech-illiterate but regulation-heavy Congress, take charge of managing Alphabet’s current wide-ranging portfolio, and find, acquire, and develop new start-ups in order to remain the kings of Silicon Valley.


ben kosvic


Ben is a fourth-year at the University of Chicago and he can’t wait to be done with Model UN forever. He is majoring in Economics, Computer Science, and Mathematics. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ben was an Assistant Chair on the Rise of the Vikings committee at ChoMUN XIX; the Crisis Director of Thank You for Smoking: The Executive Board of Philip Morris, 1941 at ChoMUN XX; and the Chief Financial Officer of ChoMUN XXI.

Ben's experience with Model UN goes back to the beginning of college. He had done Debate for all of high school, but switched over to Model UN when he realized that it was more fun.

He is perhaps best known across the circuit for his extensive use of Pokemon in his crisis arcs - something that would be rewarded greatly if his CDs would let him have any say in the backroom.

Ben's hobbies include wasting his life on Fortnite and ruining everyone else’s Mario Kart experience: if you would like to challenge him, please reconsider. Petty power politics, stapler wars, obnoxious cover pages, and/or aggressive attempts to put your directive on top will be met with ill humor.

Feel free to contact Ben at


katherine chen

Crisis Director

Katherine Chen is a rising fourth year Economics major from Perth, Australia.

She has been in both ChoMUN and the traveling team for all years of college. Besides Model UN, Katherine is involved in Women in Business as Head of the Finance group.

When she is not studying/socializing at the library, you can find her running by the lake or watching Silicon Valley.

jonas ciplickas

Crisis Director

There are exactly six things you need to know about Jonas:

1. He’s from the Bay Area (and he’ll tell you)
2. He doesn’t wash his hair
3. He only reads books when it’s to impress a girl (longest book: East of Eden)
4. He doesn’t know how to use a computer
5. LinkedIn is half of his browser history
6. He only cooks his steaks using the reverse sear method
7. He can’t count

If you have a question about committee or want to know anything more about points 1-3 or 5-7, please email him at

If you want to know more about point 4, send him a letter. He looks forward to seeing all of you at conference!