No One man should have all that power

The Court of Alexander the Great, King of Conquerors

Basileus of Macedon. Hegemon of the Hellenic League. Pharaoh of Egypt. The Persian King of Kings. Lord of Asia. Defender of Mankind. The Tamer of Bucephalus. Master of the Gordian Knot.

Alexander the Great. Any title he hadn’t won was just because he hadn’t gotten there yet.

Steamrolling over mortal concerns such as deserts, armies, and only having a Macedonian name, Alexander forged one of the largest empires seen thus far, unique for maintaining local cultures. The result of his thirteen-year long conquest is an empire stretching from the Aegean sea to the mountains of India uniting a variety of cultures and governmental structures. A student of philosophy and the ancient world’s poster child for libraries Alexander set the standard for empire-building and military genius.

Now, it is 323 BC and you are his generals, mentors, and satraps and you have seen first-hand the Greatness of Alexander - but now you are watching him descend into drinking and debauchery and fear for the future of his empire.

It is up to you to decide if you will be a passive bystander or seize the reins, much as Alexander himself did, to forge your own world.

All you great denizens of his domain aid the great Alexander with his empire, running the army, day-to-day affairs, and helping him make crucial choices that balances the fates of countless subjects.

mark edakara


Born in the foggy suburbs of San Francisco, Mark can be heard reminding the rest of the nation of the objective fact that California is the best state.

A third year interested in Classical Philosophy, Molecular Engineering, and Economics, Mark hopes that he can eventually graduate with at least one of his majors. He can be found wherever there is food or music and is weirdly proud of not liking sugar or coffee. If he is not at an all-you-can-eat buffet you can find him loitering at a martial arts gym talking about when he used to compete gymnastics.

Mark has an obsession with learning new skills and has taught himself to be semi-decent at massage therapy, guitar, calligraphy, the pineapple ukulele, and winning arguments in the shower eight hours later.

If you want to try your hand at convincing him to sleep more, would like your name in calligraphy, or have any questions or concerns sauce him an email at Stay frosty!

isaac kamber

crisis director

Isaac Kamber is a second-year who has the misfortune of originally hailing from New Jersey, though he moved to Colorado last March. He is planning on majoring in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Geographical Sciences.

Other than devoting unhealthily-long hours to Model UN, he enjoys binge-watching House and ordering Uber Eats at 3:30 in the morning.

He staffed the Soviet Rezidentura committee last year at ChoMUN and looks forward to continuing on with Alexander the Great this year.

paul soltys

Crisis Director

Paul Soltys is a fourth-year Public Policy major from the best state, New Jersey, and anyone who disagrees can eat it.

When he’s not at the beach or kicking a soccer ball around, he likes to shoot the breeze on politics, movies, and gaming, and in true jersey fashion is always down for a good slice of actual, thin-crust pizza.

As an avid military history buff, Paul is incredibly excited for this committee as it covers some wild events, and he’s excited to see what you do with it.