Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General


The Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary General is designed to give experienced delegates a unique and exciting experience. The committee itself will remain secret until shortly before conference when the background guide is released. Delegates will be forced to think creatively and quickly, and crisis skills will be continuously tested. As the flagship committee of ChoMUN XX, the Ad Hoc will be home to high caliber debate and strive to create the most innovative crisis experience on the circuit.

peter erskine


Peter is a fourth year in The College majoring in Political Science. He is originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, hence his very attractive accent. Apart from chairing this year’s Ad Hoc, Peter actively competes on the circuit where he has become well known for his crisis ability. Outside of MUN, he is a bartender and can often be found playing poker at his fraternity, Psi Upsilon. Peter hopes to make this year’s Ad Hoc the best that the circuit has seen and excited for the year to come. If you have any questions, he can be reached at

Ad Hoc- Jengleman.jpg

josh engelman

Crisis Director

Joshua Engelman is a fourth year at the University of Chicago majoring in Mathematics and Economics. Originally from Los Angeles, California, his favorite activity is complaining loudly about the weather and quietly about the quality of a certain local hockey team.  Josh is a fourth time ChoMUN staffer, after crisis directing Bribesville at ChoMUN XIX, the Massachusetts Bay Colony at ChoMUN XVIII, and staffing Boris Yeltsin's Last Drink at ChoMUN XVII.  Outside of ChoMUN, he competes with the traveling team, and is an active member of College Republicans and his fraternity  Alpha Epsilon Pi.  He can be reached with any questions at

corinne marie riley


Corinne is a third year in the college majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies, for reasons she is still unsure of.  She is originally from Italy, and for some unknown reason Corinne's passport says that her middle initial M stands for Marie, but in reality it was intended to stand for MUN. In fact, she is the Vice President of the UChicago travelling team, in addition to being a CD at ChoMUN XIX, a staffer for the Medici Bank during ChoMUN XVIII, and a staffer for the UChicago high school conference, MUNUC. In those few moments of her life that aren't about MUN, you can find her working at the Institute of Politics or procrastinating at the library café.

USG: Hannah Brodheim